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hi, it's a new Glitchet where I talk about being seen!

quote of the issue: "Does my light match the shadow it presumes to cast?"

I have issues moderating my energy.

is writing going to make me tired? or is it going to make me WIRED? or is it going to do BOTH but expend enough energy that I can actually sleep?! do I maybe function better on a little less sleep than I'd like? SHOULD I CAFFEINATE MYSELF UNTIL I AM SPONTANEOUSLY HURLED INTO THE SUN? IS IT MY DESTINY TO LIVE IN A VISCERAL HALF-AWAKE HORRORSCAPE?

you know, energy problems

I knew I would be felled in my attempt to get enough sleep before my first day of work, but honestly I didn't think it would occur by sexy combat dream 2 after only 2 hours of sleep

because Scrivener for Windows doesn't high DPI displays at all all the text is blurry and I can't be assed to fiddle with pulling my notes into yet another piece of software, so I'm just pretending that I'm somehow typing into a piece of waterlogged parchment

got working as a cmdline util
which is the first step to converting it to a mastobot

and while shuffling the deck the 7 of wands comes flying out again. OK, thank you

This is evidently where my mood is; chained to feelings, feeling mired and controlled and dominated. The knight points to the upended quest for love and the wand fighter wants to fail, to let go, to release.

I pull on my thickest boots
and an impenetrable rain shell.
I'll brave the wet, hope the drizzle
washes away the left overfeeling.
I'm halfway to shelter before I realize
the irony.

BOOOOM, now the scores are weighted according to their prevalence in the natal chart and their intensity in the predictive charts

===== 2018-09-08 00:00:00 =====
Duplicated aspect scores:
Saturn -> Chiron: 506.54 points
Pluto -> True Node: 472.97 points
Moon -> IC: 353.57 points
Mars -> Neptune: 285.04 points
Moon -> Saturn: 224.57 points
Moon -> Chiron: 204.48 points
Moon -> Midheaven: 199.95 points

wow. I can't believe it, I accomplished the two things I wanted to accomplish today. yay!

next step: linear -> logarithmic range mapping to portray the actual significance/potency of these duplicated patterns

also, clearly from this you can tell that some _shit_ is going down in my life

took some restructuring but I succeeded in adding planet-specific orb configs, and thus hiding the redundant Ascendant <-> Descendant opposition. witness:

===== 2018-09-08 00:00:00 =====
Duplicated aspects:
Pluto -> True Node: 8 occurrences
Saturn -> Chiron: 8 occurrences
Sun -> Neptune: 7 occurrences
Mars -> Pluto: 6 occurrences
Mars -> Chiron: 6 occurrences
Saturn -> Midheaven: 6 occurrences
Moon -> Saturn: 5 occurrences
Sun -> Pluto: 5 occurrences

gotta say, there is something ~decadent~ about spending as much time as you like, architecting and modeling a problem without a deadline. putting things into their proper places; seeing the structure emerge out of nothingness; admiring the inevitable output of your creation

today's astrolovy programming goals:

1. implement a generic linear range -> logarithmic range function for scoring potency of aspect orbs
2. implement planet-specific orb configuration object

lewd joke 

sometimes I find myself being inexplicably judgy and tell myself to fuck off

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